Two exes scorned with the power of social media behind them is a horirble mix. And the feud between 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox seems to be getting uglier, but the rapper is apparently calling it quits.

Earlier this week, Fox opened up the floodgates when she insinuated the G-Unit leader was gay. After days of going back and forth on Instagram, now Fif says he's over the nonsense. "I just realized I dated this old piece a s--- 11 years ago, so I'm finished with this," he wrote in a caption on Instagram Tuesday (Nov. 11).

But before that, he was aiming his vitriol toward the Soul Food actress during Wednesday's (Nov. 11) episode of Empire. The "21 Questions" rapper posted a video of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster gobbling up a cookie with the words "Vivica acting out how she eats ass." It seems Fif got the days confused though when he said to catch her "bitter ass" last night since she won't be appearing on the show until next week.

Fox was quick to call him out on it though. In the comment of the video she corrected him, called him a "Queen trick" and then noted that "we see that he's paying attention."

That wasn't all she had to say. She also posted a photo on social media featuring her face meshed together with the rapper's own. "So now I'm a crazy bitch?? I got yo bitch mkay!! U then go do 2 post on me 4 no reason n was WRONG! I was gonna chill! That vault is just about to open up I swear in 5432... U will NOT steal my JOY!!" Fox wrote.

Fif, who's not one to back down -- or care -- has surprisingly deleted all of his attacks toward Fox after calling it off. It seems he decided to take the high road -- or Fox has got some serious dirt on him. Either way we hope they can both overcome their differences and find some inner peace.

Check out how the drama unfolded below.

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