50 cent50 Cent's recent album 'Before I Self Destruct' is being viewed as a commercial failure, just two weeks after its release, but that hasn't stopped 50 and Rick Ross's longstanding, extremely tedious beef from continuing.

In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 stated that Ross tried to set him up by contacting his baby's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, a situation that 50 contends, would not have ended well. "They actually, indirectly, tried to contact my son's mom. They would have only shown up somewhere for me to have them shot at that point," 50 explained.

Though the beef took almost a year to jump off from comedy videos and freestyles, to 50 filming himself with Ross's family, the recent threats of violence suggest a hint of of desperation for the Queens rapper.

"We gonna stop rappin' and start doing the s---," 50 told Whoo Kid. "If they think that ain't real, then they should try it. That's just that. I tell them constantly, 'Don't expect me not to go where I come from. That's gonna be nice and comfy for me so you gonna have to figure out how to adjust your s---.' My car is already bulletproof. Everything is already in order for that."

50 continued to tempt fate in the interview, inviting Ross to visit him at his home. "While we getting ready to go through those circumstances ... I don't live in Connecticut, that's just the house, and that one got motion sensors and cameras all kind of s---, so go ahead. Why everybody got my address and ain't nobody stopping by? Get busy then. I done said everything that I can think of."

Finally, 50 compared himself to Obama, saying, "I'm like Obama. The president gotta kiss hands and shake babies. You can kill the president. It's hard to get away with it. So I use my resources. I ain't even worried about it, it's too late for that."

Have to say, this isn't 50's brightest moment. What happened to the jokes, Curly?