Looks like things aren't getting any easier for former G-Unit rapper Young Buck.

The struggling Nashville, Tenn. MC, who filed for bankruptcy back in 2010, will continue to battle his former mentor 50 Cent -- or his lawyers, anyway -- in court on July 19, after 50 objected to the five-year debt payment plan Buck filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Monday (July 11).

50 Cent's attorneys complained that they "

had trouble identifying where he had been on tour, who had booked his travel, how he had even gotten from one place to another,"

according to the Wall Street Journal, raising further concerns "as to whether any creditor can truly rely upon these claims and projections by the debtor."

Unfortunately, Buck is still under contract with G-Unit Records, with whom he signed in 2004. Though Buck has threatened to reject his recording agreement, 50's lawyers claim that the resulting damages would cost Buck a fortune.

"If the debtor defaults under the recording agreement, and/or rejects the recording agreement, G-Unit would maintain a claim for damages flowing to it as a result of the debtor's failure to perform under the recording agreement in an amount believed to be not less than $10,000,000," 50's lawyers argued.

It is not yet known how Young Buck will proceed at his July 19 hearing.

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