50 centRapper 50 Cent continues to surprise and disgust, manipulating rival RIck Ross' son William and baby's mother, Tia Kemp, in a new video he released of their visit to boxer Floyd Mayweather's mansion in Las Vegas.

Recently, 50 leaked controversial photos that showed the boxer and himself entertaining Ross's family at the mansion. The malicious video, which debuted on Thisis50.com, raises the bar. Ross has publicly feuded with Mayweather and 50, but involving the Miami rapper's family has offended many in the hip- hop community.

"I have a lot of respect for 50 Cent and the way he hustles -- but as far as these scenarios that they draw up, it hurts the game more than it helps the game," commented Miami rapper Pitbull. "That's who [Ross] picked to be a baby mama. At the end of the day, she's not respecting herself. She's not really disrespecting Ross, I feel like you're disrespecting yourself more than anything."

The video depicts Mayweather and 50 posing with William and another of Tia's kids in front of cars, walking through the house as 50's music blasts and playing with a $100,000 stack of Mayweather's money. At one point, one of the kids insists that "My dad has more," to which 50 replies, "Gimme back my money, you little traitor! I thought you was down with me!" and kisses the child's head. Meanwhile Tia poses with 50 and Mayweather, pulling in the two boys, for a group shot with Mayweather's money.

"We in Vegas, doing it real big," 50 says to the camera. "I got the boys with me!"