50 cent50 Cent takes his grudges further than most, especially when gearing up for a new release.

In what appears to be a promotional attempt for 50's upcoming album, 'Before I Self Destruct,' the Queens rapper has leaked controversial photos of himself and boxer Floyd Mayweather, posing with the family of Miami rapper Rick Ross, on his website, Thisis50.com.

Ross recently feuded with Mayweather over his artist, Frek Billionaire, and has a longstanding beef with 50 who previously released videos involving Ross' ex, Tia Kemp, and ridiculing Ross repeatedly.

In the photos, which can be seen here, 50 and Mayweather pose in front of Mayweather's Bentley with Kemp's son, DeAndre. Other photos show that Rick Ross's son, William was there as well.

50 recently discussed his beef with Ross, saying, "I wanted to compete with him and I was angry with Rick Ross at one point because I thought he was a fraud. But, I didn't want to take control of his life entirely. I just wanted to dominate him musically and just secure that space in the minds of the actual public that I'm a talent. But when his little boy is having hearing problems and he's going deaf and his old lady is in tears, his baby's mother ... when that's happening and he feel like he can't speak to her because of 50 Cent, I've achieved more than I set out to archive with Rick Ross."

They say all is fair in love in war, but we still think this is a pretty foul move. Can't imagine young William is going to appreciate the gesture later in life.