50 Cent returned to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, representing his audio company SMS Audio, and discussed his new products with Engadget in a live chat which you can watch below.

50's line, Street by 50, features an on-ear headphone with six new colorways, launching in April, 50 revealed.

"There's imperfections in a lot of things out there, so I used my personal experience to help me try and create a superior product. Durability was one of the things that we focused on immediately, 'cause I broke so many headsets in travel," 50 said, comparing his product to others on the market. "A lot of times they don't actually consider what the actual best signature sound is."

50 is not the only musician involved in SMS Audio. Earlier this month, Timbaland was announced as an investor, partner, and member of its board of directors.

Watch 50 Cent Discuss SMS Audio With Engadget

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