When it comes to his television shows, 50 Cent is not afraid to pick a fight with anyone on social media. After getting into a small feud with Gabrielle Union on Instagram over their BET shows, 50 is now beefing with a familiar foe.

With 50 Cent’s upcoming show 50 Central set to premiere alongside Irv Gotti’s Tales on the network, the rapper made his feelings about Irv’s series known. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, 50 wrote, “Keep quiet don’t tell them I’m setting up shop.”

50 Cent went on to add, “I don’t come to make friends. When I come, I take over. #50Centralbet… I don’t know maybe it’s just old drug dealer habits...That Tales bulls--- is garbage, good idea badly executed. It will be gone faster than you can say 50 did it. LOL.”

Opting not to stay quiet, Irv fired back at 50, writing, “The Fact that this clown is trying so hard for TALES go away. Should let everyone know how dope my s--- is. He’s saying it’s a dope idea but poor execution. HAHAHAH. F--- outta here bitch!! YOU LOVE MY S---!! Oct. 10th. TALES IS BACK ON.”

Gotti also attacked 50’s other show, Power, saying the series doesn’t belong to 50 like the rapper claims.

“Don’t let him confuse y’all. POWER IS COURTNEY KEMPS SHOW. It’s not his. He is an actor who got an [executive producer] credit," he wrote. "It’s Courtney’s Show. Just like TALES is my show!! My Production Company does it. VISIONARY IDEAS. And I OWN TALES. He can talk all the bulls--- he want. I’m back. And he gonna have to deal with it.

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