40 Glocc has been barred from entering and hanging out at Arbor Terrace Apartments in Colton, Calif. hometown. Officers proved that crime in the area increased whenever the G-Unit was present.

While 40 denies it, the District Attorney's office apparently proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the rapper has at least enough association with the Colton City Crips to be a potential problem in the area. Glocc's defense is a little rough, too. While name-checking the Crips and claiming affiliation is a technique used throughout his rap catalogue, 40 Glocc claims that any reference to gangs is only for entertainment purposes.

40 Glocc, born Lawrence White, was not accused of actually selling drugs or outright participating in criminal activities. Authorities merely claim that his presence as a loitering member while others deal drugs out of the apartment complex is a nuisance and fosters crime.

The official ban also comes after 40 released a new song called 'F--- the Police' last May that responded to an initial injunction that was filed in 2008. In the track, he specifically refers to Cpl. Shawn McGarland and Sgt. Eric Miller by name. When the track put increased focus on his day-to-day activities, Glocc claimed that it was all for entertainment purposes.

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