Rapper 21 Savage was having a terrific week following his announcement of joining the Epic Records family. But the rap sensation caught the ire of fans after he wrote some tweets that seemed to support rape culture.

It all started when 21 Savage tweeted, “I work hard so I feel like the ladies supposed to f--- me and let me do my thing it’s mandatory you please me for all this hard work baby!"

Now we are not going to try and interpret what 21 Savage was trying to say, but it was a ridiculous nonetheless. Immediately, people delivered the slander on the "X" rapper for his "rapey" tweet.

21 Savage then fired back in response with several tweets that have now since been deleted (but you can read them above). He wrote, “Everything I say y’all try and twist it f--- I look like supporting rape y’all dum as f---. A real bitch should see how hard a real n---- is working and want to give him Lee way and not try and make him commit or tie him down.”

Despite his defense, folks on Twitter quickly ethered him and his argument, suggesting that the rapper leave Twitter for a while and rethink his position. We wondered how the "last black CEO" will feel about 21 Savage's tweets? We are just saying.

Read some of the reactions to 21 Savage's tweets below.

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