It’s been more than a decade since Chris Brown emerged from being a choir boy in his hometown of Tappahannock, Va., to a R&B superstar with his self-titled debut album in 2005. The bright-eyed 16-year-old immediately stole America’s hearts with his innocent yet powerful vocals on songs such as “Run It!,” “Kiss Kiss,” “Forever” and “With You.”

The album peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and solidified Breezy as a force in R&B music. Over the course of his 10-year career, Breezy continues to deliver hits with 51 songs that charted on the Billboard music charts.

Despite having legal issues, rumored drug abuse and social media outbursts which caused him to lose endorsement deals, fans and support from some of his peers, the 26-year-old singer has maintained his steady growth as an entertainer.

With six albums under his belt, CB is set to release his seventh album, Royalty, which is named after his one-year-old daughter. We've listened and watched him grow from an eager teen into a doting father as his lyrical content continues to reflect his evolution.

If you have followed CB from day one then you know why he continues to reign supreme. So without further ado, here are 20 Chris Brown Tracks That Made You a Fan.

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    "International Love"

    Featuring Pitbull and Chris Brown

    There's no question, Pitbull is the official party starter. Mr. 305 continued his reign on the Billboard Dance Club charts with the No. 1 hit “International Love” featuring Chris Brown. The already uptempo and hyper track is only enhanced with vocals from Breezy making for one of his best features to date.

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    "Take It to the Head"

    Featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

    DJ Khaled’s “Take It to the Head,” featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, was well-received by hip-hop heads and R&B fans alike. The song, which features Breezy’s assertive swag on the hook, peaked at No. 6 on both the Billboard Rap Songs and R&B/Hip-hop charts.

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    "I Can Only Imagine"

    Featuring Lil Wayne and David Guetta

    In 2012, Chris Brown teamed up with renowned French DJ David Guetta and Lil Wayne for “I Can Only Imagine,” the sixth single from Guetta’s Nothing But the Beat album. The dance track made us fall in love with Brown when he performed it at the 54th annual Grammy Awards.

  • 17

    "Drop It Low"

    Featuring Chris Brown

    Singer/songwriter Ester Dean knew just what she was doing when she tapped CB for the booty-shaking anthem, “Drop It Low.” The upbeat track features both singers getting the party started right on the dance floor.

  • 16

    "All Eyes on You"

    Featuring Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown

    Leave it to Breezy to show em how it’s done. Along with Nicki Minaj, Brown assisted Meek Mill in achieving his highest charting single to date with “All Eyes On You.” The rap ballad features Nicki and Meek professing their love for each other. Meanwhile, Breezy sealed the union with a serenade on the hook. Not only did it confirm to the world that Nicki and Meek were indeed an item, it also further affirmed Brown’s icon status in contemporary R&B.

  • 15

    "I Can Transform Ya"

    Featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz

    By the time he released his 2009 album Graffiti, it became clear that Brown could transition from R&B love songs to uptempo dance tracks with ease. As the first official single since his 2009 legal woes, and with the help of Swizz Beats and Lil Wayne, the crooner was back on the radio. The club banger highlights the abilities of Weezy, Breezy and Swizzy, and made for one of the best party songs of the year.

  • 14


    Following his 2009 very public domestic dispute with Rihanna, Brown’s career and personal life took a major turn for the worse. The singer lost endorsement deals and was facing scrutiny from fans across the globe. Heartbroken and his head held high, Breezy bounced back with “Crawl,” the third single from his third LP, Graffiti. Although his apologetic track received mixed reviews, it was the first time CB detailed his side of the 2009 incident.

  • 13

    "No Air"

    Featuring Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

    Former American Idol contestant Jordan Sparks was a budding star in her own right, but when she enlisted Chris Brown for “No Air,” she propelled herself into a pop star. The track made Sparks the first Idol star to reach the three million sales mark. In addition, “No Air” was nominated for Best Pop Collaboration Vocals at the 51st Grammy Awards.

  • 12

    "Run It!”

    Featuring Juelz Santana

    Chris Brown was 16 years old and just getting his feet wet when he bursted onto the scene with “Run It!” in 2005. Produced by hitmakers Sean Garrett and Scott Storch and laced with a featured from rapper Juelz Santana, the infectious dance track not only highlighted CB’s vocals, but the music video introduced us to his impeccable dance skills, which we have grown accustomed to love.

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    "With You"

    The acoustic guitar-driven ballad “With You" is from Brown’s second album, Exclusive, and was a defining song in his career. The track, which often gets compared to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” was very much about CB finding his own way and displaying how he could capture an audience with his dance and vocal skills. Like many of his singles, “With You” charted well all over the world and eventually reached platinum status.

  • 10

    "Kiss Kiss"

    Featuring T-Pain

    Brown's second album, Exclusive, was one of his best projects to date. The collection featured a handful of chart-topping single one of which was the T-Pain-assisted “Kiss Kiss.” This upbeat jam was praised for Pain and CB's chemistry having co-wrote the song together. It became a party anthem throughout 2007 and the visuals pushed the envelope even further as CB once again brought his dance skills to the forefront.

  • 9

    "Fine China”

    There is nothing like “Fine China” to commemorate one of the greatest. When CB dropped the first single off X, the Virginia native did it with the King of Pop in mind. Upon releasing the track in 2013, Breezy tweeted: #tributetoMJ. He took the acknowledgment even further when the the choreography in the music video featured some of MJ’s signature moves.

  • 8

    "Don't Be Gone to Long"

    Featuring Ariana Grande

    If you didn’t think Chris Brown was the king of collaborations before, after he teamed up with vocal powerhouse Ariana Grande on the dance track “Don’t Be Gone to Long” it was proof he could work with almost any and everyone. Although the track was not one for the charts, it marked the first time Grande and Brownworked together and was sure fire hit amongst their respected fans.


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    "Yeah (3X)"

    CB knows how to party and make feel good music. That’s just what he brought to life on his Grammy Award-winning album F.A.M.E.’s “Yeah 3X.” Backed by an uptempo, Euro-Pop beat Breezy sang about bottle popping and partying just because. While it does invoke a “Forever” feeling “Yeah 3X”held it’s own on the charts peaking at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

  • 6

    “New Flame ”

    Featuring Rick Ross and Usher

    Already in the game for more than a decade in 2014 Breezy returned “New Flame,” the fifth single from his X album. The song, which features guest appearances from Rick Ross and Usher, peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the song, Breezy illustrated mature vocals while, Usher added a nostalgic R&B feel to the progressive track.

  • 5


    Featuring Tyga and Lil Wayne

    One of CB’s biggest hits to date, “Loyal,” marked a monumental track in Brown’s career. The song, which puts dishonest and unfaithful women on blast, was first introduced to fans in December 2014. It featured two versions: an “East Coast Version,” with Lil Wayne and French Montana, and a “West Coast Version,” which added Too $hort in replacement of French. A third installment, dubbed the "Young Money version," was eventually released featuring Tyga and Weezy. While Brown was behind bars the official video dropped, however, that didn’t negatively impact the song’s success as it reached platinum status.

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    Featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall

    Chris Brown and Tyga had been friends for years before they decided to officially collaborate together on the 2010 hit “Deuces” also featuring Kevin McCall. The fellas set the mood by airing out their failed relationships and explaining how they pulled the plug and said, “bye, bye to her.” The track, with its straight-forward lyrics, was an instant hit and even garnered two Grammy Awards nominations.

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    "Birthday Cake"

    Featuring Chris Brown

    This was one unique piece of cake. After fans demanded Rihanna to extend the original song, which was a one-minute interlude, RiRi tapped her ex-boyfriend Brown for the sexually-charged remix. Released on Feb. 20, 2012, which is Rihanna’s actual birthday, the “Birthday Cake” remix marked the first song the former couple appeared on since their infamous 2009 domestic abuse case.

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    Featuring Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana

    In 2007, a teenage Brown won the hearts of his fans with the fifth single “Poppin,” from his self-titled debut album. Although the original version appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the remix featuring verses from Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana, which brought the song to urban and mainstream success. After the song peaked in rotation on airwaves from VA to LA, Breezy had everyone characterizing anything that was good as "poppin'."

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    "Autumn Leaves"

    Featuring Kendrick Lamar

    By the time he dropped his sixth album X in 2014, Chris Brown had solidified his status as the Prince of R&B. For "Autumn Leaves," Breezy teamed up with rapper Kendrick Lamar to help him paint a picture of love and heartbreak. Produced by Bam and Roccstar, the delicate track is one of Brown’s most emotional and beautiful songs as he seems more vulnerable than ever. K.Dot’s adds his verse to create a song that is strictly for lovers only.