There's a new dance sensation coming out of New York that has taken the rap world by storm. Brooklyn, N.Y. native 2 Milly has been making quite a name for himself since his song, "Milly Rock," became a viral hit do to its catchy refrain, "I milly rock on any block," and the accompanying dance that has been imitated by superstars like Rihanna and exuberant teens alike.

After the song caught on in 2015, 2 Milly was awarded performance slots at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert and Power 105's The Breakfast Club's anniversary show. Now 2 Milly has unleashed his high-powered remix to start the new year off right. The "Milly Rock (Remix)" features fellow rappers A$AP Ferg and Rick Ross who deliver rambunctious lyrics for the anthemic dance track.

"Ambition of a rider, pay attention to ya daughter / You the son and I'm the father / Put ya chick up in Prada / Hit it now that booty phatter," raps Ferg, who opens the track with an energized verse. Humorous one-liners like "guess I won't feel the fame 'til I'm humping on Rihanna" get dropped before 2 Milly comes in on the second verse and gets busy himself.

"I Milly Rock on any block / In my Polo tee and my Polo socks / On top of cars, my face hot / I Milly Rock on that Gates block," he raps, while making it known his fetish for Polo gear." The rap newcomer also basks in his rising profile, boasting "They got me on Explore Page / I been Milly Rocking for four days."

This may be billed as a 2 Milly show, but Rick Ross' verse serves as the main event, with the boss spitting "I'm the talk and that's off the top / Ankle-monitor over my socks / Black market, that's all we got / Christmas, I was gift-wrapping blocks," and closing out the track on a high note.

Overall, "Milly Rock (Remix)" looks to help 2 Milly's ascend up the ranks and keep fans Milly Rocking even longer in 2016.

Listen to 2 Milly's Song "Milly Rock (Remix)" Featuring A$AP Ferg & Rick Ross

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