Fresh off the release of his anticipated album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz returns with another video for "Sleep When U Die."

The visuals features a red mask-wearing 2 Chainz rapping on top of a secluded building as he spits lyrics of encouragement, basically letting folks know that if they press on, they can get whatever they aspire to claim, spitting that "hard work beats talent."

"You too concerned with others/This for the single mothers/Might have a millionaire/Moving through Riverdale," he raps later in the song.

The video follows yesterday's release of his video for "Blue Cheese" with Migos. Dueces says he's on a mission as it pertains to the level of his music.

“Before I used to play according to competition, like I did in sports, which was probably my downfall in sports,” he recently explained to Rolling Stone. “I only liked showing up when good people showed up. I applied that to music, because if I did a song with Drake or Lil Wayne or Kanye, I could stand out. I could go hard and still be someone you feel on the track. If I did a song with somebody pop or somebody that doesn’t have as many bars, I would still show up but I wouldn’t embarrass the person.”

Check out "Sleep When U Die" above.


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