2 Chainz paid a visit to The View yesterday (May 24) and sat alongside the cast members and the Governor of Ohio John Kasich where he spoke openly about the recent and very tragic bombing that took place at Britain’s Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday.

2 Chainz was surprised that something so tragic could happen at an Ariana Grande concert where the fans are young.

“I think that situation is very unfortunate. When people go to concerts, they feel like it’s a place to get away. You know, for some kids, it’s their first time being away from their parents. And for parents, you hope that they have a good time, get back home safely,” he said.

He continued, “So when you speak of someone like Ariana Grande, you feel like this is a concert where there shouldn’t be that much resistance. It should be safe. Because I know a lot of the content from hip-hop rappers you just assume... even the venue insurance is just different. I don't know where the mindset is for her, you know? It's just a real unfortunate situation."

2 Chainz went on to talk about his wife and kids, music collaborations and running for mayor of his hometown. His new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is set to release June 16.

Watch the full video of his interview at The View above.


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