2 Chainz has released his collaboration with Lil Wayne and Drake, 'I Do It,' with his sophomore album 'B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time' just days away.The song is six minutes long, with 2 Chainz and Wayne each rapping two verses. The transition between Drake on the second verse and Wayne on the third verse is seamless, as if the two were demonstrating what a collaboration project would sound like.

Drake even takes a page out of Wayne's playbook by dropping an outrageous punchline: "I'ma fuck you like I been waiting a century for it, give the p---y up and I'll trade you a memory for it." Not to be outdone, Wayne says "I just built a cemetery n---as dying to get in." Meanwhile, 2 Chainz starts his verse off with his own crazy one-liner: "Three n---as with me: Me, myself, and I/God don't like ugly you should testify."

The song transitions into an interlude, which seems to encapsulate the title of the album. "Right now it's me time," a chorus sings, adding "Bitch please don't call my phone."

The song initially was placed in snippet form as part of a Beats By Dre promotional campaign video. Produced by D. Rich and Wonder Arillo, the song is track five on 'B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time.' 2 Chainz's sophomore album will be coming out September 10.