Over the years hip-hop has drastically evolved. Now there is such thing as a '90's beat and trap music. It's even deeper than the beats and the flows though; the style and look of today's artists is very different as well. Take Atlanta's own Young Thug. He began making waves in 2011, after Gucci Mane took a liking to his approach to rhyming and put him down with the Brick Squad. But the rap game wasn't prepared for what the rhymer had in store.

Thugga walks to the beat of his own London on the Track-produced records and that includes calling his boys "bae," wearing nail polish, donning a leopard print dress and even creating what many listeners would perceive as his own language. While tracks like “Stoner,” ‘Danny Glover,” and his Rich Gang collaboration “Lifestyle” are club favorites across the nation, in all honesty, most Young Thug fans either have no idea what he’s saying in his rhymes or are left scratching their heads due to confusing lyrics.

Let’s face the facts, Thugga is no poetic, storytelling lyricist. However, he is unique. From his ad-libs, like “bap, bap, bap,” to every “Aye!” and “Haaat,” he has a humorous way of getting his point across. But while we love to get our chill on to some of the Barter 6 creator's songs, we admit that rocking out to Young Thug comes with its fare share of "WTF" moments. To better explain the oddities in his music, we present to you 10 Young Thug Lyrics That Will Leave You Saying "WTF?"

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