Beyonce probably said it best with her 2011 song, "Run the World (Girls)," when she sang, "This goes out to all my girls that's in the club rocking the latest / Who will buy it for themselves and get more money later."

Unlike prior generations, 2015 is all about celebrating the independent woman. More ladies are not only pursuing executive positions in their industries but are also fighting to close the gender pay gap. And while it was once expected for a woman to get married and stay at home to take care of the household, these days, those choices aren't nearly at the top of the list for most girl bosses. You can get married and still continue to call the shots in the boardroom, pursue higher education while climbing the ranks in the office or become an entrepreneur by taking that passion project to the next level.

Many female artists have gotten hitched and they've continued on with their careers while others focus on motherhood. Sure, artists like Bey, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige are kicking butt while expanding their empire with their husbands beside them, but there are plenty of your favorite stars in hip-hop and R&B who are single and killing the competition.

In honor of Single Working Women's Day (Aug. 4), The Boombox wanted to highlight some of the amazing women who kick ass both on and off the red carpet and don't need a significant other to validate their existence. If any of these woman are actually dating someone, they fooled us because they're great at keeping it a secret. Check out 10 Women Who Don't Need a Man to Get the Job Done.

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