There's no question that hip-hop and R&B stars like to play with their style. Whether it's on the red carpet or during their headlining tours, rappers and singers like to make sure they look hot, especially the ladies. But even though we love their sultry glam at high-profile events, there's just something about seeing a woman rock a nice pair of kicks that looks so sexy.

From Beyonce and Rita Ora to singers and rappers’ significant others like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, they not only rock sneakers to feel casual and comfortable, but it’s also because they know how to wear them well. And although there are the ladies who go for the traditional pair of Jordan 11s or Adidas shell tops, others will experiment with styles and colors, going for neon colors or those with a wedge heel. Who said sneakers can’t make you a little bit taller (shout out to Skee-Lo)?

Working out or dance rehearsals are the perfect spots to flaunt fresh footwear but sporting them with a floral dress while on the move is welcomed too. And then there are others wearing nothing but sneakers and an oversized sports jersey. No matter how women choose to wear their trainers, they hardly ever fail when they walk out the door.

The Boombox searched the Instagram accounts of our favorite female singers and rappers to find some of the hottest shots showcasing their favorite kicks. From Christina Milian to Ciara to Tinashe and more, here are 10 Sexy Chicks in Kicks.

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