If you've had the chance to listen to Ziggy Marley's new album, 'Fly Rasta,' you'll quickly notice that the reggae artist has been influenced by many different genres. And when he dropped by 'The Arsenio Hall Show' Tuesday night (May 6), he showcased one of those new sounds with 'I Don't Wanna Live on Mars.'

While keeping with the calm and relaxed vibe of reggae music, the track has a more pop-rock feel as Ziggy sings while playing electric guitar. The song is one to sway along with that special someone as the reggae crooner details a sweet and lyrically quirky love letter to the one who's taken his heart.

"I don't want to live on Mars / I don't want to drive space cars / I just want to be with you / Do the things we do / Don't want to escape to the moon / Even if the world went boom / I just want to be with you / And do the right things to you," he sings on the chorus.

Aside from the performance, Ziggy also takes a moment to chat about a number of topics with Arsenio Hall including gardening, ganja and the love he has for his late father, Bob Marley. He also talks about his first meeting with Pres. Barack Obama.

"It was fun," Ziggy starts. "It was good. It was at the Easter Egg Roll a few years ago. Cool, coolio."

Arsenio even asks if he mentioned the legalization of marijuana to the president. "No, I think he already knew what's up with that," Ziggy responds laughing. "He knows what's up."

He continues diplomatically, "Most of us know the truth that the plant is a natural plant that nature's provided us with for many different uses. Smoking is one of them, but it's not the only use."

He also chats about his children's book, 'I Love You, Too.'

"Well, this was penned one day after going into the kitchen one day, and my daughter, she was coloring in her book. She two or three years old at the time. And out of nowhere she just said, 'I love you!' for no reason. She just said I love you. And I said, 'I love you, too.' And so we started creating the words for this. It was sung from the 'Family Time' record and the kids record. Then it became a book. It's just an expression of love."

Nothing warms our hearts more than Ziggy expressing his love for his family. Catch the rest of the interview below.

Watch Ziggy Marley Talk About His Love for Bob Marley on 'Arsenio'

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