Today is another day to celebrate the famous Marley family. This time, Ziggy Marley gets some shine. The musician turns 47 years old today (Oct. 17).

Ziggy is the oldest of Bob Marley's sons. After Bob's untimely passing, Ziggy toured alongside The Wailers into the mid-'80s. He started making his own name by leading the Melody Makers.

The band is considered a one-hit wonder because of 1988's "Tomorrow People," the one Funkadelic song that cracked the Billboard's Top 40. However, what they lack in commercial sales they made up for acclaim. Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers won Best Reggae Album Grammys for 1989's Conscious Party, 1990's One Bright Day and 1998's Fallen Is Babylon.

The group is also known for performing the theme song for the long-running children's show Arthur. The show outlasted the band; the Melody Makers disbanded in 2002.

Ziggy still continues to make music. Fly Rasta, his most recent solo album, won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album.

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