A California woman named Chelsea Berry filed a police report last week, accusing troubled rapper Yung Berg of assaulting her at his home.

According to Berry, the altercation began when she objected to Berg's behavior with another woman at his Woodland Hills, CA, home. The young Chicago rapper allegedly responded by hitting her in the face "about three times," giving her a black eye.

Though one of Berg's friends attempted to step in and drive Berry home, as she had previously been thrown by Berg into the pool, and was wearing only her underwear. Berg insisted that he go along for the ride.

"When they pull out, Berg's like, 'we're not taking her home,'" Berry said. "[We] end up driving all the way up this hill in the middle of nowhere, I had no idea where I was at, and tells me to get out. I was crying and saying 'I'm gonna get you back. I'm about to call my friends when I get out.' And that's when Berg gets out and comes over to me and says he's sorry, and then he grabs my phone and throws it and my phone completely shattered."

Berry then claims to have hitchhiked from the hill, arriving at her home three hours later, at 6:00 AM.

Upon hearing the recent accusations, Berg's manager, Jeremy M. Rosen was quick to state that the Berry's claims were entirely untrue.

"The allegations are entirely false and without merit," Rosen said. "Yung Berg would never conduct himself in such a manner. This is clearly a pathetic attempt for publicity. Let's focus on reality, namely, Yung Berg as the multi-platinum, ASCAP Award-winning artist, songwriter and producer."

When not getting slapped by Maino, Berg has been in the news a lot lately, collecting unrelated assault and drug charges and starting beef with a variety of rappers and singers.

He's also begun shooting a reality show entitled 'Back to Business,' according to his manager, which may air on BET. The show allegedly focuses on the "team of professionals" that works to develop and build Berg's incredible career.

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