Young Jeezy taps hip-hop's martian, Lil Wayne for the visuals to 'Ballin',' a single off his oft-delayed fourth studio effort, 'TM103.'

In the Colin Tilley-directed clip, the Snowman rolls up on a basketball game in progress with an entourage of dudes and scantily clad women. During the course of the video, Jeezy takes his street rhymes to what appears to be a barren warehouse, where he puts a massive amount of cash together for one baller he wants on his team.

When the shooter pushes away the trap star's cold hard cash, it doesn't sit well with Jeezy, who tells him, "I don't care what side of the court you on, homey. You on my team. Know that!"

Weezy F. Baby comes in from stage right for his verse, hopping on a piano in a green-and-white striped shirt paired with red shorts. Just like the track's title, Wayne raps of his material possessions: "So many cars I'm like eenie, meenie, minie moe/ So many colors in the diamonds, kaleidoscope."

"You think you're ballin cause you got a block/ He think he ballin cause he got a block/ You know these h--- love to see me ball/ You know these h--- came to see me ball," Young Jeezy pushes out on the chorus.

Young Jeezy's 'Thug Motivation 103,' to be released via Def Jam, is set to make its mark in late 2011. To support his upcoming LP, the rapper debuted the DJ Drama-assisted mixtape, 'The Real Is Back,' as well as a track with Freddie Gibbs titled 'Stripes (Run D MC).'

Watch Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne in 'Ballin''

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