Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy are about to officially consummate their hip-hop relationship. Since the Snowman signed the Gary, Ind. rapper to his Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) label in April, the new allies previewed their first formal collaboration, 'Run D MC,' in a new video.

The song's title is a play on the name of legendary Queens rap group Run-D.M.C., but is more dope boy than b-boy anthem. "Run D MC, run D MC, if I'm riding low key I got that D on me, and n---a we don't care cause n---a life ain't fair/ They go for 30 a piece, we sell them hoes by the pair," says Jeezy on its chorus.

The full version of the Lil Lody-produced song -- he's worked with the likes of Rick Ross and Wacka Flocka Flame -- will officially debut tomorrow (May 3) at 1:03PM, though the video does not say exactly where the track can be heard.

The track will be part of Jeezy's highly anticipated, but very much delayed, fourth album 'Thug Motivation 103.' At first thought to be released in 2009, Jeezy has dropped a number of singles including last year's 'Lose My Mind,' featuring Plies, and just a few weeks ago 'Ballin',' featuring Lil Lil Wayne.

Frequent Jeezy collaborator DJ Don Cannon recently spoke about the pressure of producing tracks for 'TM103' because of its sizeable expectations.

Last week, while performing in Brooklyn, Freddie Gibbs threatened to slap Lil B, though he stressed via Twitter that he does not have any beef with the Based God.

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