Freddie Gibbs has always been about making life music, perhaps even more so now, since he was cleared of sexual assault charges back in September, which he talked freely about on an episode of Viceland's The Therapist. Freddie spent a number of months in European jails and with the release of his latest album, You Only Live Twice, he's been reflecting on his life and place in the world.

To that end, the Gary, Indiana rapper has just dropped the visuals to his song, "Andrea." Directed by Eric Nelson, Freddie Gibbs is cruising through the mountains in California on a barren road, though the hills are on fire. He awakes to find it was all a dream (and life metaphor), and he's really stuck inside of a jail cell.

"When you fall, who you gon' land on?/N----s foundation is shaky, ain't shit to stand on/A man's born with the only guarantee to live and die/But will I die before I live, 'fore I begin to fly?/N----, I can't deny when I'm not high, I miss that rush, that s--- be callin' me/Demons never rest, I go to sleep, them b-----s follow me," he raps on the first verse of the introspective track.

Check out the video above.

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