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Criminal charges against rapper Yo Gotti stemming from a shooting outside a Memphis, Tenn. nightclub last year, were dropped on Wednesday (Jan. 19). Gotti, born Mario Mims, was slapped with an aggravated riot charge following the altercation outside of Level II nightclub on the South East side of the city. "Case dismissed, it's over," Gotti told local news station Fox 13 news. "It's false allegations."

Gotti stated that the publicity over the incident, which took place over Thanksgiving weekend, cast a negative shadow over his image. "For them to put it out there and run with it, of course it's a little damaging, but like I said, I knew it was all going to come to this," he explained. "I'm a entertainer. I'm in entertainment. I understand it. I know it's like it's a protocol of going through it, going through the courts and getting to this point where it gets dismissed, and we're back to where we were at in the beginning."

Also charged in the case was Lance Taylor, known by his rap moniker, OG Boo Dirty. Taylor was charged with inciting a riot and aggravated riot charges after getting into an argument with Gotti that spiraled out of control. Shots rang out in the venue, resulting in six people being shot. Gotti later surrendered to authorities, and was facing up to six years in prison.

Now that he can put the situation behind him, the 29-year-old has since taken the incident as a learning experience. "Whenever you're faced with anything, you can get through it. Stay focused, stay positive, do it for Memphis like I do it. Put in hard work."

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