Compton rhymer YG has a delicious way of encouraging people to get to the polls today (Nov. 8) to vote in the historic presidential election—bagels.

That's right. YG who has been very vocal this election season about voting and his feelings for presidential contender, Donald Trump, has teamed up with the food truck Yeastie Boys to offer free "F--- Donald Trump" bagels in connection with his 4 Hundred Waze Charity.

YG's Twitter message announcing the free red bagel giveaway was fairly simple: "Go vote muhfuckaz." He also encouraged voters to vote "yes" on California's proposition 64, which would legalize recreational marijuana use for people over 21—decriminalizing weed and directly affecting the high number of offenders who go to prison because of marijuana. He's also been vocally supportive of Cali's proposition 57, which allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons and requires youth under 18 to have a hearing in juvenile court before being tried as an adult.

The "F--- Donald Trump" bagel of course, accompanies his song of the same name. Back in September, the rapper dropped a scathing video trailer for the song. In the visuals, an actor plays Trump, and belittles blacks and Latinos.

He's also taken the time to beat a Donald Trump pinata on stage, just in case there were any remaining questions abut his feelings for the divisive republican nominee.

The presidential election is today, and there are additionally a lot of local initiatives on the ballot in respective states (as mentioned above). Click here to find a polling location near you.

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