Last week in Santa Ana, Calif., as Yelawolf riled up fans by asking whether they like Johnny Cash, one knucklehead stormed the stage and knocked the rapper to the floor. Perhaps remembering the acronym WWJD? -- "What would Johnny do? -- the tattooed MC got up and gave the usurper a couple of hardy wallops, even as security carted him off, which can be view in the video below.

"Get him! Get him!" a fan can be heard yelling in the video below. "F--- him up!"

Energized by the one-sided punch-up, the audience then started a chant, clearly siding with the Alabama-bred rhymer.

"Ye-la-wolf! Ye-la-wolf!" they scream, as if egging on a pro wrestler.

After the 'Radioactive' creator and Shady Records signee dusts himself off and has a sip of water, he picks up right where he left off.

"How many Johnny Cash fans we got in this motherf---er tonight?" Yela asks, showing a tenacity that would have made his country hero proud.

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