Despite Yelawolf's new album, Love Story, garnering acclaim and high praise, a black cloud has been hoovering over his head for sometime now. During an interview with ESPN's Highly Questionable, the rapper reveals his struggles with alcohol.

By his own admission, Yelawolf is an alcoholic. "No one controls my drinking, but me. I’m the only person that can control that. God himself could not control my drinking. I’m admittedly an alcoholic and it’s a problem. I wrote a song about it called 'Empty Bottles on Love Story. You know, I’m not proud of it but it’s in my genes. I do take breaks. I was sober for five months. That was my last sober streak. I’m back drinking again. It is what it is," the 35-year-old Alabama native admitted.

He further elaborated on how his lifestyle isn't one to emulate and why he isn't a role model, despite his recent success with Love Story, which scored a No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart in April.

“I can’t deal with sober. It just sucks. I’m not a role model. I don’t expect people to watch this or parents to watch this and go buy my album because I am a role model. I’m not that guy," Yelawolf shares. "I’m just doing me, and if I wanna drink I’m gonna drink. If I wanna party, I’m gonna party. That’s it. Drinking is my vice. When I’m done working, I’m gonna have a drink, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Watch Yelawolf open up about is addiction above.

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