Yelawolf welcomes Lil Jon into his party rock lifestyle with the visuals for 'Hard White (Up in the Club),' the first single from the Alabama rapper's Shady Records debut, 'Radioactive.'

The 31-year-old causes a ruckus at a local bar, when he and his entourage arrive in pickup trucks and enter the establishment prepared to go hard.

Catfish Billy takes the stage dressed in a tie-dye hoodie, spitting out venomous lyrics like "But f--- the critics wit' a spiked d--- when it can fit barely/ They probably think I'ma Limp Bizkit, their spit's jelly."

The true definition of "rock 'n' roll through hip-hop," Yela, surrounded by loads of Jack Daniels bottles, encourages human bowling on the bar, cream pie throwing and girl-on-girl Jell-O wrestling, all to the tune of Lil Jon chanting, "Up in the club, don't give a f---."

'Radioactive' is set for release Oct. 24, when Yelawolf faces the likes of Young Money MC Drake and his 'Take Care' LP.