What do you get when you mix Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) and Marvin Gaye together? A solid soulful rap track that will get plenty of replay.

Producer Amerigo Gazaway has created another 'Soul Mates' project in which he mashes up songs from two iconic artists -- one from rap and the other from the soul genre -- for an incredible listening experience. He’s done it before -- most notably, with the 'Fela Soul' album that combines De La Soul songs with Fela Kuti’s music.

On his new mash-up effort, 'Yasiin Gaye,' Gazaway takes Yasiin Bey’s most popular songs and mixes them with the sounds of the late soul icon Marvin Gaye.

The set’s lead single is 'Inner City Travellin' Man,' an amalgam of Bey’s 1997 song 'Travellin' Man' and Gaye’s classic 1971 tune, 'Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler).'

Gazaway does an excellent job of combining Bey's urgent lyrics and Gaye's haunting vocals in a beautiful mesh of soul and hip-hop. It makes you wonder what could have happened if Bey actually recorded a song with Gaye if he were alive today.

Amerigo Gazaway’s 'Yasiin Gaye' album is expected to arrive via Bandcamp on Feb. 25 and we can't wait to hear it.

Listen to Amerigo Gazaway's 'Inner City Travellin' Man'

Watch the 'Yasiin Gaye' Teaser

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