On Saturday, at the ONE Musicfest in Atlanta, Yasiin Bey took the stage for what seemed to be his last performance ever.

But during a backstage interview with The Associated Press, as reported by Billboard, the rapper who is also known as Mos Def said he will continue to create and may return to the public spotlight in the future. After performing for more than an hour, the rapper said, "I enjoyed it."

Bey added, "So if I get a chance to do it again in another way, I'll just give it my all. I'm always going to be creating... I'm not going to disappear if I stop rap or doing it in a certain type of way."

The rapper's retirement announcement came in January 2016 following a legal fight in South Africa. Bey was charged with attempting to leave the country with a passport that was not recognized by the nation. The artist was eventually allowed to leave the country but was denied re-entry.

The artist then set out on a farewell tour which included stops in New York and was supposed to conclude at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. But according to ONE Musicfest founder Jason "Jay" Carter, he and other festival organizers were able to convince the rapper to perform one more time.

"It still hasn't sunken in yet," Carter said. "Just watching him onstage - his excitement and energy - it just looks like he would miss this entirely too much. If it is his final show, it was monumental. I would not be disappointed if it wasn't just for who he is."

As for Mos Def's future plans, the rapper is taking it one day at a time.

"I'm just trying to get through today." Bey said. "I've got plans. I'm just grateful to be alive to tell you the truth. I've got plans and things I've been working on but I'm just happy for today."

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