It may be Halloween this Friday (Oct. 31), but that doesn't mean you can't get an early Christmas gift from the folks at XXL. In a bootylicious supercut, the mag that boasts "hip-hop on a higher level," includes 45 different hip-hop videos showcasing some of the best backside assets in rap history.

Some of the videos featured are OutKast's 'The Way You Move,' A$AP Rocky's 'F---in' Problems,' Ying Tang Twins' 'Shake,' Q- Tip's 'Breath and Stop' and Schoolboy Q's 'Collard Greens,' just for starters. And very appropriately, the montage ends with Nelly's infamous 'Tip Drill' video, which is still talked about today.

If there's anything confirmed after watching this tribute, it's that hip-hop loves a big booty, and, at times, a grandiose derriere will get almost as much camera time as the rapper.

It's easy to forget some of the beautiful video vixens of yesteryear, so the footage serves as a great way to jolt the memory. And another thing, watch how skimpy the outfits get from the older videos to new. The ladies of today are showing more skin than ever, but there's definitely no complaints here.

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