Ying Yang Twins

Watch a Supercut of the Biggest Butts in Rap Videos
It may be Halloween this Friday (Oct. 31), but that doesn't mean you can't get an early Christmas gift from the folks at XXL. In a bootylicious supercut, the mag that boasts "hip-hop on a higher level," includes 45 different hip-hop videos showcasing some of the best backside assets in rap history.
Ying Yang Twins Discuss Twerking, Love for Miley Cyrus
If you think Miley Cyrus invented the booty-popping movement known as twerking, you're sadly mistaken. The Ying Yang Twins are the first to make a claim to that fame. From 'Salt Shaker' and 'What's Happnin' to 'Shake' and 'Badd,' the Atlanta hip-hop duo have been in the business of making songs for strippers to shake their derrieres to for quite some time.
Ying Yang Twins Talk Legal Problems, Employment History & Justin Bieber
The Ying Yang Twins recently called into Columbus, Ohio's radio station Power 107.5, where the duo discussed their various run-ins with the police, employment history, and childhood antics. Though things started off normal enough, the conversation took a humorous turn when Ying Yang rappers D-Rock and Kaine began interviewing one another, referring to themselves as "up to our heads in smoke
Ying Yang Twins Sue CBS for Illegal Downloading
In an unlikely turn of events, several hip-hop artists, including 2 Live Crew and the Ying Yang Twins, have banded together with eccentric billionaire Alki David in filing a lawsuit against CBS Interactive and its subsidiary, CNET, for allegedly promoting illegal downloading...