With a rejuvenated Lauryn Hill actually playing shows again and recent news that Wyclef Jean and Pras have made-up after some media blasting over the Haitian elections, many think that the time is right for a legitimate Fugees reunion. Not so, says Wyclef.

He maintains that The Fugees marked a distinct period in his life, but that egos are too big to return to such a monstrous group. This makes some sense. The Fugees only put out two albums, but both were sizable hits. 'The Score,' their 1997 masterpiece, has sold a mind-boggling 20 million copies worldwide. He says there is still love amongst the group, but getting back together just isn't in the cards right now.

"When it comes to Lauryn and Pras, it's my childhood, they always bring me to that place," Wyclef told the BBC in a recent interview. "At the end of the day Pras is my brother and Lauryn is my sister, despite what the media say. The Fugees are not meant to be. We're rock stars from a locked group. You're going to have egos and differences but at the end of the day I love them both very much."

After their recent reconciliation, both Wyclef and Pras are down in Haiti supplying help to survivors of the horrific January 2010 earthquake that hit the region. Meanwhile, Lauryn Hill continues on her first Winter Tour of the U.S. in many, many years.

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