Lonnie Lynn, Jr. releases his 11th solo album this week (Nov. 4) Black America Again. For nearly 25 years, Common has captivated his listeners with a bountiful number of stories stemming from his Chicago origins and maturing worldview. The ageless rapper has deftly penned timeless records and continues to wow audiences with his immense love for hip-hop.

Even though his approach has flown in the face of norms since the beginning of his career, Common forged a lane, which he proudly anchored on his own. By working with legendary producers like No I.D., J Dilla, and Kanye West, Common quietly etched one of the most underrated catalogs in rap today. With very few miscues on his resume, Common is hip-hop’s quiet storm that continues to deliver a flurry of classics.

With his11th album Black America Again earning raves from fans, The Boombox looks at his impeccable resume and examines the good, the bad, and the ugly.