Following his recent performance of 'Black and Yellow' at the AFC championship game in Pittsburgh, Penn., on Sunday (Jan. 23), Wiz Khalifa set up a mid-week UStream session to announce a March 29 release date for his new album, titled 'Rolling Papers.'

During the video session, Wiz broke down the album's title for fans, explaining that there were a few reasons for the name. "It's called 'Rolling Papers,' like the papers that you roll, the papers that I roll, the papers that we smoke. But it's deeper than that too. I thought of this before I even started recording the album and before it was a full idea. It's not just about the weed thing. It's bigger than that. My career really took off when I started smoking papers."

"The second reason I called it 'Rolling Papers' is when I left Warner Bros., I sort of got my 'rolling papers," he continued. "I got my contract, f---ing rolled up and smoked. And I was able to walk and I was able to leave and I was able to do my thing and I was able to capitalize off that. The third reason why I named it 'Rolling Papers,' I quit writing a long time ago. I stopped physically writing it down or putting it in my BlackBerry or iPhone. I write notes down, but I don't write whole verses, so it was like saying goodbye to the paper. The paper's rolling out too."

'Rolling Papers' will be Wiz's third full-length album and features include Rick Ross, Curren$y and Snoop Dogg. The album's first official single 'Black and Yellow' has already climbed to no. 5 on the Billboard charts.

Watch Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow'


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