Wiz Khalifa's a new daddy, but that doesn't mean he isn't out here working.

The young legend just dropped the video for "Let It Go" from O.N.I.F.C. The song and video gets an assist from Akon -- whose seemingly disappeared in recent years -- on chorus duties.

Visually, the narrative here is about a girl who's going to school, working nights at a strip club and trying to live out her dream of being a female boxer (or sort of MMA competitor). Her boyfriend seems to have a problem with it -- maybe she's hanging out with too many guys or something.

Anyway, she's just trying to do her thing and he's killing her whole vibe. We've all been through it.

If you're into the Wiz Khalifa/Akon pairing, check out "Dirty Work," which dropped in January and kind of went under the radar.

Watch Wiz Khalifa "Let It Go" Feat. Akon Video

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