In an AOL Music video premiere, rising superstar Willow Smith takes us behind the scenes to watch the making of her second video release, '21st Century Girl.'

Ten-year-old Willow gets some help from showgirls "walking towards their goal[s]" and "thriving to be the best." The pint-sized powerhouse tapped director Rich Lee for the visuals -- he's worked with superstars such as the Black Eyed Peas, Eminem and the Pussycat Dolls. Mama Jada Pinkett-Smith also gets her hands dirty on the California desert set offering her creative direction, while dad Will Smith offers moral support on set at the downtown Los Angeles location.

Recently it was announced that Willow's debut album on Jay-Z's Roc Nation label will include a collaboration with her famous dad's former hip-hop partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff. The singer, who made fans toss their heads with her first hit, 'Whip My Hair,' is currently whipping her hair back and forth on tour in Europe with Justin Bieber.

Watch Behind the Scenes Video From Willow's '21st Century Girl'

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Watch Willow's '21st Century Girl' Video