Perhaps not surprisingly, Willow Smith was just as shocked as many Americans were about Donald Trump securing the presidency, and she decided to write a song about it.

Appropriately, the cut is called "November 9" — obviously the day after the election — and Willow tries to offer words of hope, especially to young people.

"Baby girl I know you're tired / Don't let the world put out your fire / Take my hand and you will see / Sadness and anger aren't everything," she quietly sings.

The talented teen then speaks to her male counterparts and tells them to not get down and to not lose their way. "Baby boy don't lose your sweetness / Don't think your humanity equals weakness / Take my hand and you shall see / Suppression and pain are not everything," she sings.

Whether "November 9" is a one-off release for Willow, or whether she'll follow it up with other post-election songs remains to be seen. Likely, we'll be hearing similar tunes from other artists, since it seems folks have a lot to say about what just occurred in the United States.

You can listen to "November 9" below.

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