Slick production, out-of-the-box lyrics and a trippy vibe have become Willow Smith's signature sound as of late, which she uses on the newly-released song 'Heart.'

Produced by Chaotic, the short, spacey song is filled with floating keyboard sounds, airy background vocals and off-time drums while the Los Angeles native belts out surreal, heady lyrics that are difficult to comprehend.

"Tell me why I'm here right now, getting in a cloud / In hydrogen I jumps up... and mess up your planet," she sings. "I don't think it's fair that you're on Earth and I'm up up here making the stars and galaxies and planets."

The famous teen has a stellar voice -- a nice combination of highs and throatiness -- and the production is solid too. But where Willow misses the mark is in her writing; the lyrical pictures she paints are all over the place -- at least here. It's likely what she planned to do. "I thought I’d post a little something celebrating the end of the chaotic time whilst I wasn’t able to log in this account,” wrote Willow on her SoundCloud page.

At 14, Will and Jada's daughter has plenty of time to work on her craft. For one, it seems she has a strong desire to separate herself from the musical pack, which is impressive for someone her age.

Listen to Willow Smith's 'Heart'

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