To celebrate her 14th birthday today (Oct. 31), Willow Smith gifted fans with some new music. The actress-singer premiered her new EP, simply titled '3,' exclusively on Google Play for fans to download or stream.

The project, produced mostly by AzZi, features a trio of songs: '8,' '9' and 'Flowers' featuring TDE artist SZA. Fans can listen to it now before Smith releases at other digital music stores for a fee.

Smith describes her album as "pioneering" work inspired by her favorite artist Erykah Badu.

"I don’t think it’s that different from what I was saying before, cause I was saying ‘Love yourself’ and ‘You have to live your life for yourself," she tells the FADER. "Now I’m just coming to the spiritual and consciousness aspects of it."

Before she released her EP, Smith dropped a new song on Thursday (Oct. 30). The anthemic song, 'Cares,' features the Roc Nation singer being defiant and not succumbing to peer pressure.

"I do not care what people say / I'll play this game the way I play / And all of the noises that we hear / Just come from our eyes we don't have ears / Just take me away from the beach and maybe we'll stay," sings.

For the past few weeks, Smith has been performing at various venues including the FADER Fort event in New York last year.

Smith's '3' EP will arrive in digital retailers on Nov. 17.

'3' Tracklist:
1. '8'
2. '9'
3. 'Flowers' (Featuring SZA)

Listen to Willow Smith's 'Cares'

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