Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are known to be the nurturing kind of parents that allow their kids to freely express themselves and find their own paths, and it seems their daughter Willow Smith has taken full advantage of their blessing by exploring her singing career.

The 13-year-old delivers a new song, 'Female Energy,' leaving the pre-teen conversation behind and goes for a much more mature and laid-back sound. On the track, she offers some inspiring and philosophical lyrics. It's way more neo-soul than pop, more Jill Scott than Beyonce, which is a solid direction for the rising star.

"Whatever, whatever I guess, whatever / I don't care, get dressed, whatever, I don't feel like talking, whatever / 'Cause it's really out of my control / How you feel is not my problem / I really don't want you to go / But I do not want to stop ya," she sings.

Certainly, these lyrics take on the exact opposite sentiment of her smash 'Whip My Hair,' as it seems she's developed an introspective side to herself that is far beyond her young years.

And you have to love the artwork for the single too, which is has a '70s throwback vibe. A woman sits in space watching over the sun and other planets. It resembles those big framed velour paintings that probably hung in your aunt's basement back in the day.

Over the weekend, Willow performed with her brother Jaden at the Fader Fort for the CMJ music conference. If there's anything to take away from the release of 'Female Energy,' it's that Willow Smith's is certainly growing up.

Listen to Willow Smith's 'Female Energy'

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