Willie D has been one of the most outspoken artists in hip-hop for over 25 years; both in his music career and as a cultural commentator for publications like The Houston Press via his own column. The Houston rap legend returned to the rap game this week with an explosive track called "Coons." In the song, Willie blasts black celebrity talking heads from Don Lemon to Raven-Symone for what he feels is their willingness to tear down their own people for a television paycheck.

"These coons are used to basically do the dirty work of the networks--they're paid to say what the networks can't say," Willie told The Boombox. "Because if the network says it--they know they're going to called out."

"Coons" calls out numerous pundits, including Charles Barkley, Stacey Dash and Stephen A. Smith, whom Willie feels "do more harm than good" and are "expendable." The song has been criticized for advocating violence against the mentioned personalities and for homophobic and misogynistic language, but Willie D stands by everything he says in the song.

"I ain't apologizing for s---," Willie stated definitively.

Check out our interview with Willie D in the video above and take a listen to the controversial "Coons" below.

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