Will Ferrell got a good zinger off on Drake recently, tweeting "I met Drake yesterday, I heard of drawing on your eyebrows...but not with a black magic marker." Drake got dissed by anchorman, and that is awesome. [WillFerrell]

Video girl and rumored Chris Brown squeeze Draya Michele explained the common misconceptions people have about her, and also, how she only sleeps with some guys, not every guy. "What people don't know is that I have a personality like a man," she told King magazine. "So guys respect me and want to talk to me on a friend basis. Also, I'm a businesswoman; I get out there and talk to people. Sometimes that includes dinner meetings or late-night drinks. I have friends in high places because they consider me to be on their level, not because I'm f--king them. I always say, "F--k some guys, not every guy," and I stick by that. Pretty good policy. [KingMag]

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