Hip-hop emcees tend to use lyrical ammunition rather than bucking off shots. But more often than not, a few get caught by a speeding bullet, yet, luckily, live to tell their tale. Such is the case with Atlanta rapper Wacka Flocka Flame, who was shot twice in a robbery attempt recently. He's not the first to survive a shooting, and we're sure he won't be the last. Here are ten cognizant rappers before him that faced the barrel of a gun.


10. Gravy

Before Jamal 'Gravy' Woolard hit the silver screen, playing Biggie in the biopic, 'Notorious,' the rapper was hit by a silver bullet, in the worst of body parts -- his buttocks. In 2006, the aspiring emcee arrived at New York City's HOT 97 radio station for a scheduled interview, but not before shots rang out. The 35-year-old Brooklyn rapper-turned-actor received a single gunshot wound to his backside. Rather than seek immediate medical attention, Gravy sat through his interview with the injury. The act brings new meaning to the phrase 'pain in the ass.'

DG Yola

Perhaps Georgia rapper DG Yola used the lyrics of his single, 'Ain't Gon Let Up,' as a source of inspiration to endure the strain of a bullet ripping through his face. During 2007, the 24-year-old Atlanta resident, born Mario Talley, was stopped at a red light when an assailant pulled the trigger in a drive-by shooting, police suspected to be a robbery attempt. Reports suggested Yola's mouth was open during the assault, which may have caused the bullet to enter his cheek and exit through the other. Rappers take note.


While some rhyme slinger's boast about taking a bullet, Detroit rapper and Goon Sqwad affiliate Trick-Trick does not. He'd rather lie about it. Last year, during a Jim Jones concert held at downtown Detroit's Esko Lounge, gun fire erupted after ten men reportedly rushed the club. As a result, Trick-Trick and another male were injured. While news outlets claimed the hip-hop star had been shot in the leg, he went on to deny the allegations to a local radio station. That is, until mayoral spokesman Daniel Cherrin told police Trick-Trick was indeed a victim. Didn't his mama teach him honesty is the best policy?

Gillie Da Kid

Seems like Gillie Da Kid follows street ethics (snitches get stitches, anyone?) even when his life is put on the line. In 2006, the Philadelphia rapper, known as a member of the seven-man collective Major Figgas, was struck by a bullet three times-once in the leg and twice in one arm. An unknown assailant fired shots at Gillie as he entered his vehicle while in his hometown. Police had no leads on a suspect due to his lack of cooperation regarding the investigation. Maybe it had something to do with that high-stakes drug ring he was operating at the time.

Obie Trice

Former Shady Records signee Obie Trice brought New Year's 2006 in with a bang, literally. On Dec. 31, 2005, the Detroit rapper was driving on Michigan's Lodge Expressway when his vehicle was shot at by a nameless attacker in an adjacent car. Trice was hit twice, one of the bullets entering his head. He managed to exit the highway, where his girlfriend, who was in the vehicle during the shooting, waived down police. In the single, 'Cry Now,' off his second album, 'Second Round's On Me,' the emcee addresses the unfortunate incident. Scars fade, but the bullet, which is still lodged in Trice's skull, won't.

Young Dro

Bankhead, Atlanta native Young Dro is no stranger to dodging bullets. At 16, the 'Shoulder Lean' rapper was shot in the stomach and back, injuries that required almost a full year of recovery. Besides undergoing surgery to repair internal wounds, Dro, born D'Juan Hart, was forced to use a colostomy bag. Downside: The bag's unearthly smell and hassle kept him confined to his home. Years later, Dro faced death again when he was shot at by a goon during a robbery attempt. Only after hopping over a fence to escape his attacker did the rapper realize a bullet passed through his Polo jeans. That's a fashion faux pas by any standards.


Violence is never the answer, but if F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S had trusty 'Nadia' -- the moniker he gave to his glock on the track, 'Imma Do It' -- by his side back in 2006, perhaps he wouldn't have had a bullet enter his body. As the Brooklyn native stood in a Manhattan parking garage, an unidentified man approached him and three members of his entourage. The shooter opened fire, striking Fabolous in his right leg. Rather than wait for authorities, Fab and crew sped away in a vehicle, running a red light, which prompted police to pull them over. Upon treatment for his injury, 'Loso was arrested for the possession of two unlicensed, loaded guns that were found in the car.


3. Game

Heavy artillery is commonplace with members of the Cedar Block Piru Bloods. So it comes as no surprise that Game, once a member of the infamous West Coast street gang, experienced his fair share of gun fire. Nine years ago, the Compton native, known for his feuds with the likes of 50 Cent, was shot five times during a botched drug deal. Game was in a three-day coma as a result of the melee. During his hospital stay, the Interscope Records artist traded in gang-banging for a hip-hop career. Hate it or love it, he is now rap's FBD (Full-time Bullet Dodger).


For a man shot in both arms while driving a pimped out Lamborghini, Cam'ron sure picked an awkward name for his seventh studio album, 'Gunz N' Butta.' In late 2005, the Harlemite was leaving a Howard University homecoming celebration at a Washington D.C. nightclub when a passenger of a nearby vehicle demanded for him to give up his ride. Though the carjacking attempt failed, Killa Cam was shot by the perpetrators and was left with two gunshot wounds. So why were no suspects named in Cam'ron's case? Answer: The head of newly formed rap group The U.N. is a staunch supporter of the 'Stop Snitchin'' campaign. Let's hope Killa season isn't in effect.

50 Cent

It's not a far stretch to compare 50 Cent to a feral feline, considering the sharp-tongued rapper ran through his nine lives in 2000. Like many of his rap counterparts, the G-Unit honcho was inside a vehicle when his body was riddled with bullets. A gunmen struck the 'Before I Self Destruct' creator at point-blank range as he sat in the backseat of a car, parked in his Queens neighborhood. Nine bullets pierced his legs, chest, left cheek, arm, hip and hand. The alleged shooter, Darryl 'Hommo' Baum, was killed several weeks after the incident. While revenge is sweet, kudos goes to the rapper that fires shots through his tracks.

Compiled and written by Georgette Cline.

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