From his eyebrow-raising punchlines to his sexually explicit lyrics, Lil Wayne says some pretty wild things. If it's in song, interview or (on rare occasion) in a social media post, Weezy has no problem speaking his mind and dropping knowledge.

Over the course of his 20-year career, Weezy has sounded off on topics from bashing the Miami Heat (and being banned from games) to rap beef, Black Lives Matter, and even politics following Hurricane Katrina. The rapper played an instrumental role in being the voice of his hometown. He also called out then President George Bush and rallied for aid in Louisiana.

But rappers aren't the only public figures who tend to speak freely without inhibition. Donald Trump could care less who disagrees with his theories and views on domestic and foreign policies. Prior to the billionaire real estate tycoon announcing he was running for leader of the free nation, Trump was already known for his shocking rhetoric -- and who can ever forget his offensive comments regarding Mexicans and Latino immigrants.

In honor of Lil Wayne's 33rd birthday (Sept. 27), we decided to test your knowledge of both Tunechi and Trump. Weezy's the president of Young Money Records and Trump has his sights set on running an entire country -- the two have more in common than you thought. Although Tha Carter V creator represents Hollygrove and Trump holds it down for the one percent, at heart, they're both examples of self-made success stories in America.

Take our quiz to find out who said it: Lil Wayne or Donald Trump? This could be harder than you think.

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