Kendrick Lamar has been trending on Twitter since he wiped his Instagram clean yesterday (March 23) before dropping a cryptic post that simply read "IV." As it turns out, fans found out it was really the cover for his new single last night when K.Dot dropped "The Heart Part 4" and declared himself "the best rapper alive."

"The Heart" series is a tradition of sorts for Kendrick, dating back to 2010, and at the end of the track he alludes that a new album will be here in just a few weeks, saying, "You got until April 7."

On the track, produced by the always agile producer/saxophonist Terrace Martin, Kendrick is gong super hard—and throws Donald Trump into the mix.

“N—-s is fake rich, b—-es is fake bad/Blacks that act white, Whites that do the dab/Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk/Tell ’em that God comin’/And Russia need a replay button, y’all up to somethin’/Electorial votes look like memorial votes/But America’s truth ain’t ignorin’ the votes/It’s blasphemy, how many gon’ blast for me?/’I prophesied on my last song, you laughed at me/Oh when the s--- get bracket, don’t you ask for me…”

But it's the shots he seems to take at an unnamed rapper that of course, everyone has keyed in on. Some instantly thought it was Drake because, well, he's Drake. But the consensus seems to be that it's actually Big Sean K.Dot is addressing, after people speculated that Sean took aim at K.Dot on "No Interviews" last year.

“And I can’t lie like I like this shit like I usually do / And I’m just not impressed by you niggas rapping fast / Who sound like one big asthma attack but trash when I’m rapping it back / Who you put in your top five and claim they the savior of rap," Sean rapped on the song.

The subliminal led people to believe it's Sean that Kendrick is speaking to on the second verse of "Hearts 4."

"My fans can't wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil sh--/I'll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil bitch/Tip-toeing around my name n--- you lame/When I get at you homie don't just tell me you was just playin'/'I was just playing K.Dot c'mon you know a n--- rock with you bro'/Shut the f--- up you sound like the last n---- I know/Might end up like the last n---- I know/Oh you don't want to clash? Yeah n---- I know” Kendrick raps.

Still others say that Kendrick wasn't specifically dissing anyone— but if the shoe fits, well, feel free to go on and wear it.

The speculation will likely be cleared up soon. But in the meantime, fans have had a really enthusiastic response to Kendrick's return. Check out some of the reactions below.


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