Earlier this week, the National Enquirer released a story claiming that singer Whitney Houston suffered from emphysema, and now the singer is setting the record straight.

The 'I Will Always Love You' performer's rep, Kristen Foster, reached out to E! News Friday (June 3), writing the story off as "completely untrue."

According to the tabloid, Houston, a longtime smoker, was warned by doctors that she must immediately give up cigarettes in light of the lung disease. "She's developed emphysema -- and her doctors are warning her she'll die a horrible death," said a friend to the paper.

Adding more fuel to the story's fire is the fact that the 47-year-old entertainer has made headlines in the past for not being able to belt out notes at the same level as earlier in her career. She also canceled European tour dates due to a reported respiratory infection.

Houston enrolled in an outpatient rehab facility in an attempt to overcome her longstanding battle with addiction. Other reports also claim that her teenage daughter, Bobbi Kristina had also fallen victim to addiction when pictures of her allegedly snorting a white substance hit the news circuit. She was also said to have received treatment for a drug habit.

Watch Whitney's 'Saving All My Love for You'

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