An man named Raffles van Exel has confessed to sweeping the late Whitney Houston's hotel room of drugs after learning of her death. According to Idolator, van Exel is the same man who sold a photo of the singer in her casket to the National Enquirer as well as peddled photos of her hotel room to TMZ.

Four days after Houston's death, Raffles van Exel admitted to Dutch newspaper The Telegraph of the post-mortem sweep, claiming, "the room had to be emptied" of illicit material and that "someone had to do it." Apparently he was one of three people with access to the room. He has not yet revealed the specifics of what he removed from the scene.

Van Exel refers to himself as a "highly respected entertainment consultant" and also had dubious ties to Michael Jackson.

Watch 'Whitney Houston's Family Demands Murder Investigation'

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Whitney Houston's Family Demands Murder Investigation:

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