Less than three months after the tragic death of her daughter Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston is set to pen a tell-all book about her famous child. While the plans may appear to be a way for the late legend's mom to profit off Whitney's death, the book will apparently serve as Cissy's opportunity to clear the air and address many rumors surrounding her daughter's troubled final years.

The New York Times reports that Cissy met with publishers at the St. Regis Hotel in New York this week to shop the book, entitled "The Whitney I Knew," which she said will describe her daughter's high highs and low lows. "It's going to be the bad, it's going to be the good," she told one publisher.

Attendees of the meeting reported the bidding for the book deal could easily reach a whopping seven figures, but Cissy seemed to be more motivated by her desire to tell her daughter's true story than to profit from her posthumous publicity.

"She [Houston] said, 'There are so many lies out there and I want to dispel all of those lies,'" a publishing executive in the meeting told the Times. But Cissy's account will inevitably be biased, as suggested by the book's title. Two publishers also noted that the 78-year-old seemed reluctant to address Whitney's death and drug habit.

Cissy published her own memoir, "How Sweet the Sound," in 1998, and will use an as-yet-unnamed ghostwriter for the book.

"The Whitney I Knew" is expected to be released in July.

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