While many might have heard of acts like the Insane Clown Posse and Flatlinerz, the name "horrorcore" doesn't always ring a bell right away. Horrorcore is a genre of rap first popularized in the mid-90s, first groups like Gravediggaz and Ganksta N-I-P, and the genre was later adopted by a generation of rappers that includes Twiztid and Prozak.

The "horror" in "horrorcore" derives from artists in the genre deriving much of their lyrical inspiration from horror movies, with common themes including murder, Satanism, rape and cannibalism, among others. Because of the dark content of the lyrics, horrorcore rappers are often associated with death metal, though the intense instrumentals on many songs also cause this association.

While horrorcore is not always used to describe these artists, the genre is now being revisited in light of horrorcore rapper Syko Sam being suspected of the murder of Pastor Mark Niederbrock, daughter Emma Niederbrock, and two others. Not only is Syko Sam's connection to these murder being publicized, but his music and lyrics are gaining attention as possible warning signs for Sam's recent actions.

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